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Jeremy and Joshua Roarty have been studying Martial Arts for over 30 years. They graduated from Phoenix High School in 1992. Their interest in Martial Arts heightened while studying at Rogue Community College, where they had the opportunity to study with various Tai Chi Masters from the US and China. In 1996 the twins moved to Santa Barbara CA to further their Martial Arts studies where they trained at the Academy of Martial Arts.

The pair started competing in 1998 at the American Black Belt Championships where they  teamed up with U.S. Master Michael MacDonald as well as Australian Master John Gill and took home the Gold Medal in both the Chinese and Korean Self-Defense divisions. Since then the team has won over a dozen Titles at the IMAC World Championship in Las Vegas Nevada.


Moble Dojo

Learn from the privacy of your own home!

Our Instructors will come to your home, office, recreation center athletic club. We bring the equipment, you provide the space. No more dealing with traffic or finding parking. We schedule around you. Facilities can also  be arranged for large groups.

Eagle Point Classes: Eagle Point Grange 5 South Shasta Ave

Monday & Wednesday, Kids @ 5pm, Teens/Adults @ 6pm

Central Point Classes: The Living Room Church 325 Oak St

Tuesday & Thursday, Kids @ 5pm, Teens/Adults @ 6pm


Our Philosophy

Rising Phoenix Martial Arts is a Martial Arts Academy which means that there are multiple instructors that specialize in different arts. We strive to provide high quality training that fits your specific needs.

Studying Martial Arts promotes focus, discipline, confidence, can help reduce stress, and provide peace of mind. You can look forward to improving your strength, balance, flexibility, grace, and longevity.

Rising Phoenix Martial Arts is insured and only uses Certified Black Belt instructors, so you know you are learning from the best.

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Rising Phoenix Martial Arts

(541) 535-1264


Monday & Wednesday

Eagle Point, Eagle Point Grange 5 South Shasta Ave

Kids @ 5pm, Teens/Adults @ 6pm

Tuesday & Thursday

Central Point, The Living Room Church 325 Oak St

Kids @ 5pm, Teens/Adults @ 6pm